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Thread: Moose Knuckle Portal Axle Designs 4 U

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    Default Moose Knuckle Portal Axle Designs 4 U


    It has been a few years since the Moose Knuckle portal axles were worked on. I imagine they have faded into the memory of any of the few people that even knew what they were. For me, the original designer, I haven't forgotten about them. One thing that I wanted to do originally was release the designs to the public while I was working on them. I wanted it to be an open source type of project where we would still end up selling them anyway. None of that happened.

    I am still not a fan of any portal axle on the market. I am probably going to work on refining these this year. I don't want these to die so here it is. I am releasing all of my design files for these axles. That's right! The STL files, design documents for the metal parts, everything. I didn't get far enough along to create build instructions but I am sure I will do that this year.

    I use the Shapeways 3D printing service for everything I do with 3D printing. They are amazing. They have a high quality finish and their tolerances are very tight. I have never tried these designs with ABS or any desktop style printer. I haven't ever been interested in using those kinds of printers due to the level of quality and shrinkage of parts after they cool. In spite of all of that it should be able to be printed on other types of printers with modification to fit their respective tolerances.

    You can read the thread that I created to show the design process a few years ago here:

    Generation 2.2 Portal axles

    Metal parts files:

    STL Files:
    Front Axle set for the 23 tooth lower gear. This has an integrated upper truss for a 3-link setup:

    Rear Axle set for the 23 tooth lower gear with integrated upper truss:

    Axle files for the 20 tooth version

    Based on the great advice from Chris at GCM Racing, I created a parts list with my own designations.
    Parts List:

    These get this started. I am going to create some zip archives of all of the STL files as separate pieces and post those here as well.

    These axles use the Ascender spool and input gear with a GCM Racing Vaterra diff input shaft. The rest of the metal parts I had manufactured as custom pieces. There is nothing special about them so the documents should be easy to follow for most people.

    Generation axles 1:

    The Generation 1.1 axles used off-of-the-shelf parts and are a bit different but still work great. They used the axle parts from Scale Designs International aka SDI 4x4 from their SDI Axle 2.0. I used Robinson racing gears for the upper and lower portal gears and some standard Tamiya shafts for the lower axle shafts. I will get that organized as well so it completes the post.

    The gears that were used for these prototypes were specifically the:

    Upper portal gear:
    8611 Extra Hard High Carbon Steel Motor Pinion 5mm/32 pitch 11 tooth

    Lower portal gear:
    8623 Extra Hard High Carbon Steel Motor Pinion 5mm/32 pitch 23 tooth

    You can see their gear assortment on their site here:

    I chose those gears only because they were very hard, had a 5mm bore, and were 32 pitch. I wanted very robust and simple gears to build the axles around.

    Generation 1.1 portal axle STL files:

    Prints and construction images are here in the thread:

    I have no idea if anyone is actually interested in these anymore. With these being open source it means that anyone can contribute if they want to. You can take the designs and make your own versions or work to update the main design. This is a great community which is why I want to share in the first place.


    Change List:

    - Added Gen 2.2 Axle files for 20 tooth version 2020-01-28
    - Added Parts List 2020-01-18

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    It's been awhile!

    As like me, I'm sure there are others out there that are very excited you've put these axles out there for public consumption. Guys, these were the finest looking, very well performing portals on the market. I don't hesitate in saying that I love these, and can't wait to build another set.

    Thanks for sharing this with our community.


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    Chris, thank you very much. Huge of you to share these.

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    Very Cool! I was late to the party on these axles the first time around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by penneyma79 View Post
    Chris, thank you very much. Huge of you to share these.

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    You are most welcome. I don't like hoarding knowledge when we all share the love for this hobby.

    Quote Originally Posted by RexRacer19 View Post
    Very Cool! I was late to the party on these axles the first time around.
    Then I am glad you have a chance to be a part of them now!


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    That is awesome.
    I have been a hesitant to continue trailing with my set of MK portals for fear of breaking something I can’t replace. Glad to see you made the files and part numbers available, I will be downloading them later today.

    Would love to see more trucks with MK portals in the future, they look and perform awesome.

    Thank you!!

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    This is a good news story, loved running these portals.

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    Awesome stuff! I still rock mine under the MadMoose Bronco!

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    I am very happy to hear that people are still using the axles they got before.

    I added a google spreadsheet with the parts for the axles in the main post.

    - Chris

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    Appreciate it also. I can restart my C303
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