Obviously folks like upgrading their links on pretty much any crawler. Up to this point the options have been a little limited for doing that on the SCX24. Mod19RC is hoping to help with a DIY link building alternative. The basis is a set of 3D printed rod ends that can be found in the Mod19RC Shapeways store. These get combined with 2-56 threaded rod, 1/8" or 5/32" tubing, and the factory SCX24 pivot balls.

Rod Ends available at the Mod19RC Shapeways store: https://www.shapeways.com/product/ZG...86057&li=shops

So, let's build some custom links for the SCX24! For stock length links refer to the drawing below. It shows how long each link is eye to eye, how long to cut the tubing, and how long to cut the 2-56 threaded rod to get the desired link. For custom lengths, do the math and it can be easy to make them however you want to suit any wheelbase.

Here is what you get from Shapeways. 24 rod ends...enough to two two trucks or have some spares.

Probably the most important step is to clean out the holes where the 2-56 rod ends thread in. There is usually some left over powder from the 3D printing process that needs to get removed using the end of your allen tool or something similar. This is important because if there is left over powder in there threading the rod in may compress it and cause the rod end to spit during assembly.

Next you will want to cut the 2-56 threaded rod and tubing to the required lengths. Try to clean up any burrs on the threaded rod after cutting, and also try to make the tubing ends flat and square where the cuts are made. Remove the ball ends from the factory Axial suspension links. I like to use my 1.3mm hex tool to push them out with. It is typically easier to remove them on the side that they push further out on.

Carefully cut the rod ends off of the tree using some flush cutters. You will want to end up with little to no material left on the rod end when you are finished. Use a sharpie to blacken the part up where the cut was made.

The parts get assembled as shown below. Be careful not to overtighten the rod ends when they start to contact the tubes. About 1/2 turn is all you can expect to line them up with each other...no need to go beyond that.

You will notice a little recess in the "tree" that holds all the rod ends. That is intended to hold the ball end when you snap the rod end over it during reassembly. You will find it pretty handy to have.

Once you have all the links assembled, install them on your truck and enjoy the results of making some custom parts for yourself without breaking the bank.

Feel free to post any questions or comments below, and happy building!