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Thread: Trail Finder 2 Toyota Hilux

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    Default Trail Finder 2 Toyota Hilux

    After a few mistakes with my fj40 post and taking in the advice given I thought i would now share my Trail finder 2 Hilux, unfortunately due to losing all my build photos I've only got the finished outcome of my builds. (great excuse to start another build)

    So anyway here is my Hilux.

    [IMG]73C986C8-A12A-4B76-BE5A-4EF841D9CD7B by shaun rogers, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]D5964273-9CDF-4221-9D4A-7B023A67CE3C by shaun rogers, on Flickr[/IMG]

    The colour is Tamiya ts-42 light gunmetal but with a few coats before lightly sanding back and lacquering, i stumbled across the bed topper online which already had the side windows blanked off but needed a little work to make it all smooth.

    the bed topper was painted with matt black but then clear coated with gloss lacquer to give a treated vinyl appearance.

    [IMG]4185910E-7665-43ED-B661-C477B7681B3C by shaun rogers, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I decided to run the Rc4wd 5 lug dished wheels to give it a more aggressive stance along with the scale lug nuts (centre hubs are next on the list)

    [IMG]A07A17EB-B4FA-416C-A3A1-4BDCD6A81138 by shaun rogers, on Flickr[/IMG]

    Upfront i went for a simple look with baja design spot lights and the bug/wind deflectors.

    [IMG]8A891E08-534C-4B1D-93ED-807D9C36A566 by shaun rogers, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I also wanted the detailed interior which I've cut to allow for working dash lights that run off the full light kit which i custom made for the truck.

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    That's a nice, clean truck. How well does it truck?
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    Does your kit have a lift kit or is this the stock height?

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    Did you paint it yourself? Awesome paint

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    Yes all painted myself using tamiya ts paints and the little acrylic paint jars.

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    Haven’t had chance to give it a run yet, the wider wheels seem to help with the limited flex you got with leaf springs so it will be interested to see.

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