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Thread: USA-1 Tribute 2.2 Monster Truck

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    Default USA-1 Tribute 2.2 Monster Truck

    Since I already did the Bigfoot Tribute, and I had this Clod Chevy Hard body laying around, why not a USA-1 tribute build😁

    This build started with a pair of cheap Aluminum Wraith axles that I bought for the Bigfoot build, I quickly realized that I would have to completely break it down and re-work everything.

    So I decided to scrap the idea, and now I had a pair of unused axles laying around, I had an SCX10 frame laying around, and a Clod Body laying around👍

    So this is what I wound up with:

    Aluminum Wraith Axles
    SCX10 Frame, Transmission, and aluminum shock mounts
    RC4WD 100mm King Shocks
    RC4WD Blazer Interior
    RC4WD Clear Clod Window
    Jconcepts Midwest wheels and Ranger 2.2 tires
    Jconcepts 3d printed USA-1 light bar
    Tamiya Super Clodbuster Chevy K10 body
    Ampro Engineering Grille and Headlights
    Hobbywing 120a ESC
    Jrelecs 10.5 motor

    Still waiting on light buckets from ebay😭

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    Damn, this is awesome! Nice work.

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    Cool project for sure. I wish JConcepts would do their Goldenyears tires in 2.2. They would be just perfect on so many builds.
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