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    hi this is my first forum post so it's all new to me and ill apologise if it's bit poor.

    here is my rc4wd gelande fj cruiser which is one of my latest builds.

    I'm still awaiting electrics but the overall look is pretty much there, my main focus was making the interior as real as i could which rather than painting the seats i decided to wrap them in leather, i then set about using a wooden lolly pop stick to indent stitching lines and then fine lined them with a brush and some black paint. the roll cage was painted with a semi gloss black then wrapped in gardening string which was rated up to give a slightly darker look.

    once the interior was done then focused on the body which looking in the local motor supplies i came across a decent sized can of this ford cayman blue painted on a white primer to give a slightly lighter appearance.

    the roof and grille was then painted with tamiya ts-7 racing white for a more off white look which works really well with the blue.

    all the details like wing mirrors, light surrounds and light lenses were painted using the new tamiya lacquer paints.

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    Welcome to SBG! Your FJ looks very nice!

    The picture is not showing, and the link is not visible either. This is because your address leads to a page on flickr, it is not an embedding address. So when you put it here with IMG brackets around it, it won't show.

    Usually what I do is rigth click on the picture and do Copy image address. If you can find the address that ends with .jpg it means it will work when you surround it with the IMG brackets.

    Let's try to embed the picture in the post, from the url included in your post (not sure it will work since it does not end with .jpg)

    This is with the address directly, without the img brackets:

    This is the .jpg link, I found it on flicker website on your picture:

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    Nice FJ40 Land Cruiser. However it is not an FJ Cruiser, those are entirely different vehicles.
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    Looks like a weird jeep to me.
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    Thank you for the advice and uploading the pictures, this is all new to me but I’ll be sure to do some more in depth posts when I’ve got the hang of things.

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