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Thread: Overland Pajero

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    Very cool. Love Pajeros!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rshackleford View Post
    This is so cool! Especially intrigued by your chassis tub. What kind of fiber mat did you use and do you have any pics of how she currently looks with body off?

    on the pictures everything is loose in there, but you will get the idea.
    The soundmodule will be hidden under a cabinet, the magnets by matresses.
    Between the cabinet and the driverseat i'll put a little kitchen (stove and a little sink).
    on the rightside will be the speaker.

    I'm not sure on the weight of the mat, but i used twill for sure. on the bigger, flat surfaces i added a layer of heavier mat for more strength. It has 3-4 layers and it came out pretty stable.

    btw, the black paint is real underbody protection spray i had left over from my 1/1 pajero

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    Hi Guys

    Looks like I’m not that good in in constantly reporting.
    Here’s the (almost) finished car:

    Some info’s:

    Chassis: MST CFX
    Body and dash: Loops Models
    Motor: will be upgraded to HH Crawlmaster sport
    Servo: (converted to CMS) HRC 15Kg, 2x micro servo for steering wheel and driver head
    ESC: Quicrun WP 1080
    Sound module: Beier USM RC 2
    Other switch modules: 2x Graupner SXM 1x CTI PS4a
    Automatic transmission: Selfmade (easy) switch module
    Speaker: 40x30mm laptop speaker
    Front bumper: RC4WD thrust front bumper (modified)
    Wheels: RC4WD 1.55 steel rims with 1.55 Falken Wildpeak
    LEDs: 46 without the Lightbar. 5mm,3mm and SMDs
    Winch and controller: Leftover china products
    Connection for trailers: rear lights and license plate, indicators, brake lights
    Roof rack: Brazed with squarebrass tubing

    Parking lights
    Head lights
    high beam (also shown on dash)
    Indicators (also shown on dash)
    Reverse lights
    Lights on bumper (just on or different blinking patterns)
    Interior lights
    4WD and diff lock lights on Dashboard
    Roof lights front and back
    Transmission P, R, D (also shown on dash)
    Engine sound
    Radio (Flash FM, GTA Vice City)
    When standing for a while with idle engine, the engine fan sound will start randomly
    Solar powered fan inside
    Steering wheel and driver head turning

    Taking down is pretty straight forward. No tools required in the shown steps.
    This allows easy cleaning and maintaining the chassis. Even out on the trails.
    The sound module can be removed and used in other models (The program for each model is saved on a micro SD card).

    Bringing down the battery and some other heavy parts really improved the Performance.
    It’s a blast to drive now.
    The “Automatic Transmission” I built in is also fun.

    Throttle stick back is now brake, forward is acceleration.
    I can switch between P, R, D.
    In P: the drag brake is active, if I accelerate the engine sound revs up but it won’t move.
    In R: the reverse light is always on, if I bring the Throttle stick to neutral the car will start moving backwards.
    In D: Same as D but no reverse light and moving forward.

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    Looks absolutely brilliant and such a clever modular installation! So fed up of unscrewing bodies to get at my batteries!!

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    Really well done!!

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