You guys scratch build some amazing stuff, but here's some really easy stuff i've found or put together.
Scx-10 with Proline Jeeeep XJ body. The auto shift knob and T-case lever went in when i got the interior plate to better match my 99 xj.

I've made a fast food cup from 2 caps from a medical device cap thing, and a piece of wire. Cut the bottom off one, melted it onto top of the other, drilled straw hole through mold fill, made a straw from 20g wire. I thought about grabbing some paint to put a liquid level in it, or filling it with cut floral card holder 'ice'.

My old scale cargo layout. Coleman 220 & Stihl keyrings, iphone/pod accessory amp ghetto-blaster radio, shoelace recovery strap

The coleman can light up, the stihl can make saw noise, the radio had a weak amp & speakers work.

The real XJ is often tasked with dragging my Mountain or Recumbent bikes around, somecimes the wife takes it for her Fatbike. Anyway, let's go ride bikes!

"Mountain matel bike.
Simulating a true style, to insure a liken new appearance in definately once own, nothing can instead."

Uh, it sure does. ...I couldn't have said it more. Ordered 1/10 scale bicycle from Wish, it's chinesieum and engrish but pretty well detailed.

Let's get it loaded up.

It's odd to not be folding the rear seat and fighting the frame around the spare tire.

Moved the other junk up to the middle.