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Thread: Styrene Question.

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    Thank you for your response! That is the best option 1mm seems like a pretty good thickness for most stuff, and like you said doubling up is always an option. Thanks to everyone for your help, I appreciate it. I will eventually get some 1mm styrene and try some scale accessories.

    And if i'm feeling lucky I might try a series II Land Rover

    Thanks - Jordan

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    Another option might be to check local companies who offer cutting service for plastics.
    Here in germany at least it works most of the time to ask for cutting waste. Usually people are happy to hand it out for for a "menĀ“s handbag" (6pack beer).
    Since its usualls small scale, the overall size of sheets or shape doesnt really matter.

    Same for thin aluminium sheets (0.1-0.15mm, Din A4 and even bigger) Offset print factories use them for foto edging and usually they end in a rcycling container.

    I noticed people are more than willing to assist if they hear you want to create something from nothing.

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    Hi RcCrawler76 - I use styrene quite a lot these days - as I build with hard bodies, and typically modify the shells and fabricate my own interiors...

    The most common thicknesses available tend to be 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm - or if you're in the US the imperial equivalent is 0.040", 0.060" and 0.080" - which ought to cover most construction requirements; and as Halme suggested and you surmise - doubling up is always an option - so if you purchase 1mm and 1.5mm thicknesses, you've also got 2mm, 2.5mm and even 3mm as required.

    for info. I tend to use 1.5mm for general construction, as it offers sufficient rigidity for mounting seats/driver figures and batteries etc. and only really use 1mm for things like inner fenders and non-supporting structures. If I'm building an interior floor for an open vehicle like my ebaYJeep or the Big BJ recently, I'll typically use 2mm for extra strength and rigidity over the larger surface area.

    note. You can also buy much thinner styrene and lexan sheets, but these tend to be more appropriate for smaller scale modelling and/or vac forming etc. and I typcially use transparent 0.75mm (0.030") for side windows and flat windshields etc.

    If you're having trouble finding stock in a hobby or craft store, if you look on ebay there are a number of retailers selling 'styrene sheet' in those thickness sizes I've listed above.

    Hope that helps...

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