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Thread: Back in the hobby... GAZ-69 class1 3d-printed build

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    Default Back in the hobby... GAZ-69 class1 3d-printed build

    Hello all! :)

    I've been off the hobby for almost 10 years. Used to do some crawling with Tamiya TLT-1 driveline, and also did one scale build with CC-01. Now my son is soon going to get his first some kind of toy rc car (he's still just 1,5 years old) and watching all those cars in shop I got really badly hooked on crawling stuff again. :D

    So what do you do when you get hooked, you start building something and ordering stuff.
    I have 3d-printer so I figured its a nice way to start, lets see what we have at thingiverse and go from there. GAZ-69 is what I found. Since GAZ is quite small car in real life, this 230mm wide body is roughly 1:8 tho it fits better on 1:10 RC car chassis. I dont have any particular real car as reference, but i've searched for GAZ-69 pictures and specially custom offroad builds a lot.
    Aiming for class 1 car with some crawling capability.

    Lets just get to photos... Heres where we are so far. Model was quite bad, lots of weird stuff going on structurally, and the blocky fenders for example... Steering wheel you see here I have scrapped as I figured it was too big for scale. New one coming in 70% size.

    Feel free to post any comments, critique, questions etc..

    Its going to have 4.19" tires, possibly rc4wd wranglers. SCX10 axles with some upgrades, propably custom frame, coil springs, body will be hardmounted on frame and electronics will be distributed where ever is room, mostly in engine bay. Cooler will be receiver box I think. :)

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    That's an incredible start,beutiful job so far,definitely following this build

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    Very nice shiny red paint!
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    Very nice! I like that more old soviet stuff seems to be being built recently :) .
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    OMG! You must have sanded a lot! Very nice srart. I your rid.

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    Thanks for the comments guys! Little progress, but not much. Need to wait for chinese shipping on lots of stuff.

    Heres what the thing will somewhat look like

    Frame building started, 15x15mm mild steel square tubing

    Some detail for rear end, and gauge cluster also

    Rear light buckets done, leds installed

    brb :)

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    Was checking out some reference pictures online, and figured out I'd do quick little evening project.
    Co-drivers handle and map reading light is what I chose.

    Handle printed, fillered, sanded, painted..

    Led :)

    Drilling, gluing..

    ...and small dome with 3d-printer :)

    Its not going to be visible in daylight, but hopefully small funny detail for late evening wheeling :)

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