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Thread: 1967-71 VW Type 2 BayWindow Bus, Teardrop trailer - 1/14 scale

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    Default 1967-71 VW Type 2 BayWindow Bus, Teardrop trailer - 1/14 scale

    I'm not sure if this is more On Road, or General RC, i took a guess.

    I like to run at events with the 1/14-1/16 scale tamiya semis, construction, and agricultural equipment, i probably better make something more SCALE to drive than the Tonka-style stamped steel trucks...

    Dickie toys of germany makes a 1/14 scale Bay window 1967-71 Volkswagen Type-2 Transporter, eventually i tracked one down.

    It has a friction drive gearbox with a flywheel, and steering rack and knuckles with 3 position posing. Everything is screwed together or plastic tabs.

    All the doors work, 7 passenger interior, detail is very impressive , and it can seat action figures. I'm glad it's more of a 'normal' bus than the top of the line Export model 19-window Sambas with sliding roof that are normally done as toys.

    I pulled the transaxle out. Unscrew body from pan, unsnap rear seat tabs, unsnap engine cover tabs. rims pull straight off, 3 screws and the transaxle comes out. 3 screws and you can pull one side of the gearbox apart, pull out the flywheel.

    Since the real ones weren't burdened by an over abundance of power, and i'm trying to keep it scale, I used a mitsumi pancake motor out of a CD-rom drive. Some 0.040 styrene was laminated to the center beam for motor mount. Then the side plate that supported the flywheel was clearanced and reinstalled. Not bad for the motor that originally opened the tray to load a cd.

    Then needed to do some trimming and put some color on the dash details.

    I picked up a mini servo, trimmed away stuff until it fit. I punched a servo mount ear through the right wheelwell and built up a stack of styrene to secure a screw. I mounted the other ear to a styrene plate that i brought forward and screwed into the tunnel between seats. Draglink needed a little clearancing and an oval hole for the servo since i'm using the wrong arc of its swing

    Trim seats for clearance.

    While i was in there i also raised the steering knuckle supports by a bit less than the amount hanging below the knuckles. Clearanced the supports that tie the front and middle of the pan so the draglink could articulate. Drilled through the stop plates above the steering knuckles so they can articulate up.

    I dropped some pen springs in the front and cap the top. Or i could have decided it has drop spindles because i liked it with that rake too.
    Then i loosened the forward transaxle mount screw, and put springs between screw head and transaxle at both rear mounts.

    All the rest of the electronic components tuck away nicely into the engine bay, i did notch the package tray near the spare tire to route my battery wires up. I punched a hole through the floorpan for rx switch. I didn't even have to lose the upright engine plate, so that's going to need more detail when you pop the hood.

    I really get why these are so frequently converted by the germans over on modellbau! It's a very slick and minimal pain build for what I think is a great looking model.

    Bact to the exterior...
    Surfboards that it came with are stupid, but it could work IF i could have found 1/14 bikini girls. The surf rack looks wrong to build up into topracks, or a cargo rack, maybe a ladder rack...
    i'd much rather if this were a slick top, but then you've got to fill holes and repaint, and the rack keeps the paint up off the table when you have to split body and pan. Grrr.

    Screw it, let's just go ride bikes.

    Spinmaster made 'finger bikes' a while back. I'd bought a few of them for my 1/10 crawler (scaler Cherokee), but couldn't scale them right. Turns out in 1/14 scale i've got a 20" bmx/mountain, 24" bmx/mountain, and 26" road bike.

    0.040 styrene, solvent bonder, and some vague idea. With some careful planning, the bike racks still can slide out the back of the rack so it still protects the roof upside down. The bikes are secure but still removeable.

    Nice, let's go camping

    ****. Uh, anybody have a tow-truck?
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    Officer friendly wanted to make sure i knew the tail lights weren't working

    Add some wires

    Kind of a pain to install lights, the lenses are stickers between the lens and housing. I'm using 3mm led. Putting in headlights, front turn signals, and red tail lights.

    I don't feel like rear yellow turn signals, there's not that much room for the lens retainer and 2 leds. But i'm thinking dome lights might be cool. Reverse lights wouldn't be easy either since it's a solid plastic piece instead of lens

    Pretty lights...

    At the meets i kept getting comments about Hippies and Surfers. There's no surfing in Indiana, and don't really want a bunch of dirty hippies around the bus...

    It finally stopped raining, so the girls wanted to swap the bikes for surf boards that came with it and go to the beach.

    Well ok, who am i to argue with them?

    Stand back

    Officer friendly said my bus was 'suspicious'...

    Don't scratch my bumper.

    Following a mention in a build on a german message board, i took a chance on some new and better tires than the hard plastic stock ones.

    Italeri # 3890 "trailer rubber tyres" for 1/24 scale semi truck trailer. They have a blank sidewall and a lettered one. Lettered side says: Regrooveable 385/65 R22.5
    Shove a knife between the Dickie tire and rim to loosen and work it off. Trim the Dickie inner rim bead tire support down to a more normal bead height. Slide the Italeri tires on.

    These also seem to have tightened up my turning radius, and now it can climb over a blanket on the floor. Doesn't sound that impressive said that way, but big step up over the hard plastic tires

    Then a little while later i knocked the stiffener ring / screw hiders off the back of the pan and threw some brass together

    But why would i do that?

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    Got a bit ahead of myself on the trailer...

    At one of the meets, i broke my dumptrucks steering servo. That killed my draglines loading operation, and all my trailer pulling. I had really wanted to practice backing some kind of trailer into the loading docks.

    Of my cars, the VW bus is most likely to pull a trailer, so it's gotta be really light. Maybe a baby Utility trailer, motorcycle hauler, or a Teardrop camper.
    Has a link to a 1947 Sept 'Mechanix Illustrated' pdf, Teardrop trailer for two.

    Little quick math, a xerox to get scaled patterns, and off to the garage.

    Some scrap luan that i've saved for "something" for years

    Started with some 1/8" brass rod. Then I ran out.

    Quick mock up

    Better make some interior cabinets

    Go grab the VW, i want to see how it looks

    Curb side entry, street side window, kitchen aft.
    Got a little more done.

    How about we cut a window shutter, then grab some bamboo skewers, and sewing pins. Razor blade, file, little bit of glue...

    Oh yeah, let's do an aluminum full-moon hupcap. Get some sucker to drink a big can of Monster with the screw cap, be a weirdo that asks for the cap or get out of trash, then just discard everything that's not a moon disk.

    Push the window in at the top, it pivots open and it holds open for ventilation without a prop rod. Push it closed and the inner sill stops it flush.

    Gotta have a door on the stuff falls out.


    Scratchbuilt brass hinges to see if i could, not pretty though. Trim is again all bamboo skewer. The inside trim keeps door from closing too much, and will give the latch a good strike plate.

    Let's pose some stuff, to check scale.

    I mean go camping.

    Then someone convinced me i really needed to make folding camp chairs...

    Now he's wanting to relax, and the build slowed down. The chair actually folds and positions

    The sidewalls are both mounted, and started setting up wiring. Axle upgrade in work, 1/8" steel, brass bushing, eclip.

    Let's try out those interior lights

    So why haven't you gotten farther with any of this in 3 months?

    So how ARE you doing a trailer axle under this thing?

    Tires have bushings over axle, trailing arms are same size bushings, so everything can spin seperate. Springy thing out of a clicky pen. Still prototype phase. E clips hold tires outboard side, probably needs it inboard too.
    Gotta make "shocks" for down travel limiters, the spring alignment pin on trailing arm spring perch doubles as a bump stop.

    Looks about right, maybe a touch tall. Opened the bottom of the hitch coupler up to 5/32" for a light push fit instead of the hard snap.

    Added the closet doors so they can use the nose storage

    Entry step on the frame

    Uh, would you like a hand applying finish?

    Let's grab a couple other things...

    Running lights.

    Dome and porch lights.

    Mount the door handle with latch

    My front turnsignals have been showing as white unless you're at the perfect angle, that got corrected with some tamiya translucent yellow.

    Bouncing on or off 1/4" curbs and bridge transitions still doesn't work too great

    Trailers and bridges are awesome

    Noticed my #3 CHT was running a little hot, went to get it looked at

    The garage suggested i hit up a performance shop

    Mmm nice Split-Window Doka truck with a chromed out VW engine in the bed.

    Check out those more yellower lights

    Remember, in a teardrop ALWAYS make the bed because people love to check them out

    Should be more comfortable in there now. Definately beats the tent.
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    I've got gas.

    If i'm going to go out towing this on any more public roads, i better add in some more safety before the police notice and want to discuss things...

    A jewlery thing (necklace spacer?), and some chain.

    Now there's a magnet on bottom of the hitch drawbar. Snap the hitch together, stick the chains up and adjust slack. If i used 2 smaller weaker magnets i could do the chain cross better, but it's what i had on hand.

    Trying out the car hauler trailer, though it'll probably never see much use behind the bus. Because cd-drive drawer motor

    Start of the Gas Station building

    Got the seats redone

    Maybe we should hit the lake instead

    If i'm going to make tie-downs i'll need hardpoints, so i took a 1/16" drill to the roof racks carefully so it's all still hidden.

    New straps were needed, so i knocked these together with some yellow nomex lacing tape about 0.080" (2mm) wide, some 0.032" (0.6mm) brass wire, and some CA glue. Making the hooks and buckles wasn't terribly fun, but i think that looks ok.

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    I love this!!

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    Thank you! I was hoping my van would be able to fit in around here.

    Sorry it's a ''drink from the firehose" thread. It had a couple year head start...

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    How clever. Very cool transformation! Totally digg'n it!

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    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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    Sometimes an idea keeps popping in conversations
    - - For once it's even NOT about Hippies or Surfing!

    If anybody followed along with this, a guy might have some stock Dickie hard plastic wheels sitting around after doing the swap for Italeri semi-trailer tires. Eventually ya wonder what can ya do with them?

    I'm just using a magnet on this, but if you pop off the vw logo it's got a perfect location hole for permanent tire mount.

    If we hang a tire off the nose, it's usually to free up some interior space for something. So might as well yank the middle seat and start on making a galley.

    Doesn't look too bad in there, even with leaving the full back seat so we'll say it's a Kombi and not a full time Camper.

    This might work. Although it would quickly turn a van build into a 'dollhouse truck'

    Lots of pictures with measurements from VW Campers

    Vw camper ads

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    This is all very impressive. Thanks for posting...
    smallfactorystudio on instagram / lone wolf / doer of many things

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