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Thread: SCX10II Comanchero Build

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    Default SCX10II Comanchero Build

    This is my entry build into the hobby. Everything mechanical wise is stock as it come with the raw builders kit.
    I painted the body using the common primer etc technique. I used Tamiya spray paints.
    Also did some fender wells, but I will redo these to contour the chassis and body a bit more.
    The build is not done yet and I still need to retouch some spots of the paint. The tires will be replaced and throw far far far away from any poor soul to use (they suck!)
    Here are some pictures of the progress thus far!4419BB4B-4A36-4642-9512-70C533FB768E [/url]A5D2C893-9FF6-452B-A838-EA6E49F02E25 by [/url]55DB3ECB-80F0-4E9A-83A4-F86C0CF85449 by luis diaz, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]DC0C06D1-25E6-47C9-B536-BF3565566AAB by luis diaz, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]83414C27-92FF-4FAE-BEAE-A6A20EB5E4F5 by luis diaz, on Flickr[/IMG][IMG]EC4C8A74-37EA-48AE-BD85-3E3A6A72BE07 by luis diaz, on Flickr[/IMG]
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    Pics aren’t showing up on my end :(

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    Just copy and paste what Flickr is providing for code. Don’t add the additional IMG tags from the forum.
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