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Thread: Is Testors model paint any good for painting hardbodies?

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    Default Is Testors model paint any good for painting hardbodies?

    Hi guys, I've got a paint question. Is Testors model spray paint any good when it comes to painting a hardbody?
    I have an Rc4wd Mojave 2 body and I don't want to mess up the paint and have to redo it. Should I just get Tamiya TS paints? Also when is a good re-coat time and approximate dry times for Tamiya TS paints? From my experience with Tamiya PS paint they are pretty vague and those times.

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    Testors will be fine. Are they the enamel kind? I prefer the dry time of Tamiya myself. They’re a synthetic lacquer. Dries much faster than enamel. You can also use any type of non-model spray paint as well. Krylon, Rustoleum, etc. You get much more paint for the price.
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    That's what i was saying.. Almoest all my cars were painted with Motip. Until now that i found a place that sells colour code matched spray cans :D

    The most important tip for me to say is to allways use the same maker and range for all the layers só that they wont react with each other!

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    tamiya laquers are fantastic in that they melt and bond to each other with each layer, eliminating separation and making color sanding a breeze (even on metallics, with a dust coat on top to revive the flakes). sadly their clear is nothing short of abhorrent for a few reasons. primarily it tends to sink as it dries months down the road revealing imperfections (like 1000grit sanding marks) that werent visible before even in the basecoat (remember the whole layers melting into each other thing) AND it loses shine as it dries. also it is very hot so it can literally eat through all paint layers and into putty making seams visible. had this just happen on a small part. all that happens days/months/YEARS after application btw. really hate ts13.

    testors ive had horrible issues with.. none of their stuff sprays right. that said i like their clear, if you have 30 days in a clean booth for it to dry. im told they have improved but i was burned plenty and not really looked back into them recently

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