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Thread: Sumthin Silly...Sumthin Fun....Sumthin Diffrent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodtick72 View Post
    Wow. Looks comfy. Got any milk?Attachment 31592
    Mmmmm milk
    I have a quarter,
    Heads or tails...…
    Great movie. "No country for old men"
    Run what Ya Brung.

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    This thread makes me want to build 55 ikarus... Too cool to be true, good luck with those not so tiny accessories!

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    Since wood-paneling isn't structural, instead of getting the hobby plywood what about just getting some Wood Veneer?

    Cheaper, more wood types, way easier to find sellers. Though it'll take a while to get it to flatten out since it's not gluing to a more stable piece.

    Trim to fit, throw some stain, scribe some panel lines, maybe hit the panel lines with Sharpie or India Ink if scribe is too subtle.

    Plus even if it goes to hell later, it's just more scale as an old single-wide.

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