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Thread: Overland Trailer

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    I am no designer, but you can pretty quickly learn those that have spent enough time messing around with poor prints and excessive cleanup to learn how to model the way you did this one. The rigid axle may be a concern. Mine is only on leaf springs, but that introduces concerns for fender clearance with tires as well.

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    Yes it's definitely give and take when designing something for myself. I just try to model it in a way that makes sense for how I typically like to do things.

    If I had given myself more time I would have designed the suspension in from the get-go. I gave myself a month from start of the design to finished trailer so I was happy with that overall. If I do add suspension it will just be a matter of unbolting the old floor and swapping in the new one with the updated bits so not too invasive a procedure.

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    pretty cool trailer...the prize only confirmed that

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