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Thread: OHOs '46 power wagon.

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    Some more progress, more lighting added, more body details with fire extinguisher and jerry can, plus a rear license plate, she's now got a magazine, bottle of whisky, her gun and some smokes, she seems happy!

    Added the externally mounted battery, made the decision to lose a little bit of performance in order to mount the body and not have to remove it again, I think it's worked pretty good, as a faux toolbox, more details to do yet though.

    Small lightbar on top, four reasons for this, I prefer the look of a small one, anything bigger was a bit too wide for the curve of the body, it's less weight up top and it's ridiculously bright anyway.

    I've also made some head light guards, only for looks, I know if they take a hard hit they will probably break.

    Lemme know what you think so far!

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    Well that was a bright idea!

    Now have mega bright interior lighting, rock lights and lightbar.

    Normal running lights are on all the time now, flick of a switch and night turns to day lol!

    Super happy, all home made, for way way less than any RC light kit.

    She has no excuse for not going out in the evening now!

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