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Thread: OHOs '46 power wagon.

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    Default OHOs '46 power wagon.

    So this is my first time trying something like this and thought I'd post it here even though by comparison to some stuff on here it's extremely basic, but anyway, thought it might be a good way to get some pointers and obviously have a look around the forum for inspiration.
    Started out as my 5 year old SCX10og, rebuilt from the ground up, SSD D60 axles, Axial HD gears with OD, Axial Unis, Vanquish stage one, Vanquish hexes, finished off with SSD scale hardware, rebuilt tranny with HD gears, SSD prop shafts, SSD pro scaler shocks SSD D hole rims with fresh rings, coupled to Voodoo KLRs and finally a fresh Proline '46 power wagon, holmes motor, 1080 ESC, Savox 1256.
    I won't bore you with too many pictures as there's many many much better builds on here but here's progress so far, no maiden yet, but looking forward to it.

    The basic design.

    Made a couple of simple slots in the styrene for the body to slot into, makes it handy for keeping it in place, the front is just Velcroed(?) on.

    Got my rad all built up from an Axial parts tree, the rest is styrene.

    New rings and some scale hubs.

    And some colour!

    Just because?

    And starting to make more progress.
    Ignore the dark patches on the body, it's the best I could do with the editing to get the rest right, along with fake lighting, blah, can't be bothered to try harder!

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    UM YES.

    Very clean looking build so far sir, and very original.

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    Coming from yourself is quite the compliment! :)

    Fairly small update, custom rear bumper is on and looks great in my opinion, exactly what I wanted.

    I've now dropped the body a bit too, it hides the esc/battery trays better.

    I also went a bit brave and chopped the fenders/steps off a bit too, felt like doing this from the day I opened the bodyshell package but finally done it, I was going to go fully chopped, but then decided I'd like some lights, so needs must and some of them has to stay.

    But now it's looking more like a proper rock truck, I am questioning the use of the plate on the rear, would it really be road registered... Nope, so might remove that and put a nice lightbar across the rear instead.

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    Well I said I wasn't going to use it until I'd fnished it but I couldn't resist on my day off work yesterday so gave it a little maiden run.

    Main changes made over the old set up are heavier axles, better shocks and OD in the front and man what a massive difference it makes.

    I now sort of regret putting fragile stuff on the bed because if I used this rig to it's full potential it would do just about anything.

    There's one particular line none of my previous rigs have ever been able to get up, even the 2.2 stuff and this thing got up it yesterday, super happy.

    Considering buying another bodyshell now, something as light as possible and something I am not too bothered about rolling over onto and keeping this set up for shelf queen duties and light trail runs, but I am still unsure.

    This has definitely given me a bit of enthusiasm to get it finished off as well though.

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    Great looking build, very clean work,love the photos!

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    I like these Power Wagons in red. I saw a 1:1 in red on vacation this summer and it's been in my head to build one like this ever since. Nice job.

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    Great looking build! Great looking photos! Surely a build to be proud of.

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    Small update, nothing too spectacular, fitted a nicer bumper, but I am having trouble finding one I actually like, they either sit too far forwards, like the one above, or like the one below, they are a tad on the small side.

    Suppose the best option is to buy the Wertymade Power wagon specific bumper, with that being said, I have already damaged the bed and body in a roll over, so I am seriously considering buying a Pro-line Hilux SR5 body for this now, to keep the weight down and lower as possible.

    And maybe put this on a spare chassis and just have it as a shelf queen... Or maybe sell it, I am undecided.

    Anyway for now, here's a few pictures from the last run out, I am going to be uploading some footage very soon, just been busy with work and no time to edit.

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    So I kept damaging the mounts sadly and the bottom of the body, plus it bounced around a bit and I desperately don't want to add body posts and clips.

    So I've now added the proper bed to the truck.

    Chopped the arches to suit.

    Inner fenders still to be added.

    Going to add a few scale items to the bed I think.

    Interior is also now in, with a driver coming soon, more exterior details to come too.

    I can now swap between the full bed and my custom bed relatively easily.

    She is also now named.

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    Little update on my truck.
    New spot lights fitted after the others died, decided to go different, because I am always changing my rigs, so the new lights are orange.
    Also added some warm white lights inside the cab, so the interior and driver are now all lit up.
    Liking it overall.

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