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Thread: Hobbywing AXE FOC

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    Default Hobbywing AXE FOC

    anyone run the Hobbywing AXE FOC yet?

    if so, thoughts on it? suggestions for running it?

    i bought the Hobbywing AXE FOC (1800 kv) for my scale crawler build

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    I just ordered the AXE PRO 3300kv, how do you like your setup?

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    Default I like it so far

    I have the HobbyWing Axe in my TRX-4, Started life as a Rover, but I'm just not a fan of that body. Here are my honest thoughts compared to the other, Castle Creations, brushless systems I've used in my trail rigs.


    1. Love the ability to set it up and change things on the fly via Bluetooth, and HobbyWing did a great job with the app, easy to bind and use.

    2. I'm running the 3300, with over and under drive gears in my diffs and it has power, control and torque for days.

    3. The way it regulates the power is truly astonishing, set your throttle trim to a slow creep (and it will creep very slow) and no matter what it encounters it adjusts its torque to conquer it at the speed its set at.

    4. Doesn't cog

    5.Truly water proof straight out of the box.

    6. Ingenious way of having a un-sensored motor be sensored basically.

    7. Great build quality.


    1. Price, it's a but salty compared to the tried and true Castle Creations offerings in my opinion.

    2. The same thing that I found to be a pro can also be a con, the way it will adjust torque could easily lead to snapped driveline parts of a wheel binds of your not paying attention.

    3. Wires are a bit short, they worked for this build but I feel in some of my rigs they just wouldn't be long enough, and the "sensor" cable can't be extended, that I know of at least.

    4. Weight, it is a bit of a pig.

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