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Thread: Rc4wd 4runner body.. Problems

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    Default Rc4wd 4runner body.. Problems

    Hi mates..

    About finished my assemble today but i got a huge problem.. Need advice..

    The drivers door don't close proper, only if i force the body about 5mm it shuts.. Seems like the body is somehow twisted..

    Is this something that after fixed on the TF2 chassis will be solved by it self, or should i be woried and try to resolve with heat?

    Also noticed that the magnets dont have the strength seen on rc4wd vídeo..

    Ended my cell batery and dont have pics..
    Only monday..
    This is my mind problem for the entire weekend :/

    Thanks in avance (y)

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    Default Rc4wd 4runner body.. Problems

    You have to mount it to the TF2 to get the doors to shut properly. Mounting it pulls the body in to match the curvature of the doors.
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    Thank you very mutch mate!

    I was realy woried of making some mistake on the assemble..

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