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Thread: KO Propo EX RR or Spectrum DX5C?

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    Default KO Propo EX RR or Spectrum DX5C?

    Hi there, I'm about to buy a new radio for my self... I'm feeling ready for step up because I just have a RTR radio, also I go my second rig so it will be nice to set up all of then in just one radio.
    I'd watch the review on the DX5C with that guy and it looks a good option for me but I have this Propo EX RR on my area, second hand good deal, and I don't know much about as a noob.
    if anyone know something about it

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    Default KO Propo EX RR or Spectrum DX5C?

    I’ve never heard of a Propo EX and I’m not even sure what it is but I have a DX5C and I’ve been enjoying it. Only downside is it’s hard to use one handed.
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    I think there is something to be said for going with a well known brand. There are many, many options for receivers and will be firmware updates, ect. Have a problem? Someone else on google will have answered your question, or Spectrum will stand behind it.

    I think if you went with the Propo it would not end up being cheaper, as you probably would not be using it in a year or two (IE in the trash).

    As well as picking out an RC, go with a brand that has a good support system.
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    I've used ko propo stick sets for years for racing and for crawling (esprit universe 2 converted to 2.4 ghz and then I upgraded to an esprit universe 3) they're absolutely fantastic transmitters and certainly not likely to end up in the trash. A lot of people who are into the scale scene probably haven't really heard much about them but in racing circles their stuff is held in really high regard. Granted parts for them like rx's aren't that cheap but they are uber reliable and relatively small. I've used spektrum stuff back in my heli days and I've also used a couple of spektrum wheel tx's belong to other people and imo they feel very cheap and plasticy.
    I'd recommend trying both to see what you prefer but personally I'd take a ko unit over almost anything else out there.

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    KO's definitely have a strong hold in the race scene, but can't say I've ever seen someone use one in my circle of crawling friends. But hey, if it's a good deal, give it a go if that's where you're leaning.

    I can't say enough good things about the DX5C. The Rugged is a nice option too, and comes pre-installed with a thumb extension so you can drive one handed.

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