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Thread: Trojen Hilux "War Horse"

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    Default Trojen Hilux "War Horse"

    This is my recently rebuild of my TrojenRc Fab truggy chassis on GMRC rails. A set of Vanquish F9 Portal axles with the OD gears in front, Boom Racing Deep Dish TE37 wheels wrapped in Proline Krawler KX Preds, TGH Creeper Trans, Holmes Hobbies Brushed 27T, 3Brothers G13 servo, Powershift RC servo winch.

    Best truck I've put together so far. Super pleased with the end result.

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    He makes a mean truggy chassis. Sold mine a year ago I could kick myself! About to order another. I guess price went up some but he said it would be the same being a repeat costumer. That's a good business.

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    Can we see a body-off shot? Looks interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Small Factory View Post
    Can we see a body-off shot? Looks interesting.
    Check Trojen out on fb. He's located in New Hampshire.

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