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    Hello all!

    I understand the basics of rc wiring/powering, I know some projects may need more than one battery, and I know the importance of a BEC, but I'm still a little confused and unsure about the best way to put all of this together for a rig with ALL the bells and whistles. I'm talking winch, lots of lights, sound module, multiple servos, etc. Everything powered up and running with ideal voltage flowing.

    Do projects like these always require multiple batteries? Multiple BECs? If there is already a detailed thread here about this or a build thread where someone went all in on a rig like this it would be awesome if you could post the link, or just any information about how you'd go about making all of these components work together without burning your rig to the ground.


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    Remember a BEC is good for lowering the voltage and at the same time getting a higher amperage. The ESC has an internal BEC, but if you are piling a lot of power, like in a big winch or servo, you might get brown outs. This is one of the big reasons to run a separate BEC. I run an external BEC directly to the servo and just send the signal wire to the Rx. You can then run a set of LEDs off the BEC inside your ESC. I also run a small ESC as my winch controller, which will give you yet another internal BEC to use. This may not be specific to your question exactly, but hopefully it helps a bit. None of my builds have ever used a separate battery to run anything.


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