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Thread: Anyone ordered a body from JS Scale?

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    Thanks guys, still might order one. I’m seeing all the painted body pics pop up now, looks great. I actually think I’ll pass on the LC70, it seems so small. But I’m also looking at the Gelande II Cruiser kit, I just love those things. Hoping for a Christmas bonus to come my way first though...

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    In america you only pay duty on luxury goods - watches, diamonds etc. There is also an exemption for these, but dont quote me on the amount. 2500$ but im sure im way off on that number.

    Import taxes, if any, are only charged on commercial items intended for resale. So if you imported a container worth of bodies to resell (humour me imagining how long it will take the folks at JS to make that many), then there would be a tax before customs releases the container yes.

    Thats about it

    Now there are often brokerage fees for UPS and fedex, especially if its something iffy that requires attention. I've had to file FCC paperwork to import non US market car audio components... got nailed with broker fees but it wasnt that bad.

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