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Thread: Tamiya Porsche RSR - Removing the Spoiler

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    Question Tamiya Porsche RSR - Removing the Spoiler

    Hey guys,

    it's my first post in this forum but maybe you have an advice for me: I would like to convert my Porsche RSR into a regular 911 F-Modell. The first thing would be removing the "Entenbürzel" Spoiler. It's a Lexan Tamiya body. My first guess would be cutting out the hood and replace it with a customized sheet of lexan. Any tips and tricks for that?

    Best from Berlin

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    Nice idea, it's a lovely body!

    I'd remove the whole engine cover panel first then make a replacement from styrene as it's easy to work with- get a nice bend on it and add the radiator detail then you can either glue it in place or even hinge it!

    Deleting the wheel arches would be trickier I would think but maybe you're happy to keep them?

    Have fun!

    Ps I've also found the light buckets from the Tamiya 30th anniversary 911 turbo can be cut to work too!

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    Thank you! Haven't worked with ABS yet but I will give it a try. I think I will keep the wheel arches. Also thanks for the tip with the light buckets from the 934. I'll try them out :)

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