I am looking for info on how to measure for new driveshafts? RC4WDteam.com has a page on how to measure. Confused on the wording. I work in the cycling industry and compression and droop in my head are the same.
compression=fully compressed

So I measure in what maybe they mean. I get for the front droop 110mm/compression 111mm
rear droop 110mm/compression 117mm. Lets say I did everything correct and I looked at Boomracing page at the driveshafts and looking for the badass ones. Adjustable length: 85-113mm (81-109mm pin-to-pin) That is the closest one and no cigar.

My setup is RC4wd Yota II ultimate scale cast axles frt/rear. Boom 313mm LWB TF2 conversion kit rails. stock transfer case (looking into the over/under transfer case)but for now stock.Looking for some help

SCALE STEEL PUNISHER SHAFT (100MM - 130MM / 3.94" - 5.12") 5MM I believe these will work? Boom racing ones are just super cool!