This is an upgrade to your Tamiya Bruiser/Mountaineer/Hilux and RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Mojave interior. Please watch the corresponding video to the upgrade that you are interested in.

For the Dash:
048002-01 Dash Panel part

048002-02 Dash Parts

For the Door Panels:
048001-01 Toyota Hilux/Bruiser Door Panels

048001-02 Toyota Hilux/Bruiser Door Panel Arm Rest

048001-03 Toyota Hilux/Bruiser Door Panel Parts

For the Transmission:
048004-01 Automatic Transmission

048005-01 Manual Transmission

Video Installation and detailing information.

164: Dash Installation

165: Door Panel Installation

166: Automatic Shifter Installation (manual available)

167: Completed Interior and Lighting

If you would like to install the dash set, the PDF is at the bottom of the thread.

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