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Thread: Berta @ Parkerfest Europe '18

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    Default Berta @ Parkerfest Europe '18

    Hey guys, I'm new to this thread stuff so go easy on me...
    Thought I'd share a few shots from parkerfest last week with you guys.

    Quick brief: I built this JS Scale XJ for the adventure. It's an OG SCX10 based rig, with custom chassis rails with 12mm centre drop cut from 3mm steel, custom links (325mm wb), custom cage, bumpers, sliders etc etc… Running SSD axles with vanquish stage 1 kit, hd under drives and incision spools with vp shafts, HR tranny case and RR internals with SSD prop shafts. Super happy with how she turned out, never thought a hard body could perform so well...

    So here it goes, here are some shots I got.

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    Default Berta @ Parkerfest Europe '18

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    Nnice looking truck, and great pictures.

    Looks like the jeep, and you, did quite well. So, does that score card mean you were ra'ing for 10 hours? If so, how many batteries do you carry along?

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    @Small Factory, thanks pal! these are just from day 1, will upload more soon.

    The 10.2 are seconds from the final sector of the Dromedar Trophy Challenge which was a timed mud bog.

    Regarding batteries I went up with X1 5000Mah, X1 6000Mah and X18000Mah.
    I ran the 6k for the trails and 5k for the TTC, Team trail and tough G6 trails... Considering it weighs around 5.6kg inc battery, they lasted very well. could almost do a whole day on the 6k if I wanted to but don't like to drop them lower than 3.6v per cell.

    Never even used the 8k, and we ran from around 0900 to 1800 with a small break here and there.

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    Day 2

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