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Thread: Luke1983's ProgMog

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    I finally finished building a scale garage/indoor photo booth! Just need a few more scale items to truly finish it off. Its a very simple set up. I'm a cartographer so have access to large format plotters, which I used to print off high resolution textures of concrete (floor), brick (Wall) and corrugated tin roofing for the (roof). I'm pleased with how a simple and cheap idea can look so good.

    Unimog Build.jpg

    No change on the Mog as yet but I've started putting together an interior from MDF which will require a bit of sanding and shaping to fit around the wheel arches, shocks and drive train. It will add some weight too for more realistic movement. Although the springs currently fitted are rock solid, so at some point I'm going to have to play with softer springs. No point until I'm nearly done though. Also should be getting some more bits soon to get the thing rolling, then I can concentrate on the cab a bit more.
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    This has me excited, looking forward to more posts and pics!

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