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Thread: Weird problem with my Land Cruiser.

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    Default Weird problem with my Land Cruiser.

    I was about to power my Land Cruiser up for the first time in 4 months. My batteries are fine, because I looked after them during those 4 months.

    I put four new double A batteries in my Spektrum DX4c, turned it one and flipped the power switch of the Land Cruiser over. Now the Land Cruiser 'boots' up, the LEDs of the ESC are flickering and when the all stay on I'm usually ready to go. However, now the motor starts turning at a constant speed... The steering works though.

    So I thought: 'well, maybe the trim of throttle isn't all that right'. Tried to trim it in both the positive and the negative ranges, but that didn't do a single thing. The motor just stays at the same rpm.
    Even lowering the throttle forwards and backwards movement to 0% (which would make it impossible to drive, as it's just stuck in neutral then) on my Spektrum DX4c didn't change anything.

    I tried to reset the remote, and to re-bind it to the receiver (to reset the receiver's failsafe position to neutral) but that didn't change a lot eighter.

    So now I'm out of ideas... Maybe my SR410 reciever is doing things on its own by sending a signal to the ESC.
    Or my ESC thinks: 'uh receiver, shut up, I won't listen to you, I want to get this motor turning at this speed, deal with it'.

    Any ideas?

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    Uhg, I'm so stupid. I forgot to reprogram the ESC! UHG!

    Now everything is working like it should.

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