We are proud to introduce the new complete interior set for the Tamiya Ford F150 Blackfoot and SRB Ranger bodys. Please see our installation guides here prior to purchase. This is a very detailed installation and requires moderate model building skill.

Here are the parts needed and the options you have:

All parts needs are in the Blackfoot Interior Section on the Ampro Engineering Shapeways store here:


058020-01 Tamiya F150 Door Panels

058021-01 Tamiya F150 High Detail Dash

058021-02 Tamiya F150 Nylon Dash

058022-01 Tamiya F150 Interior Parts

58023-01 Tamiya F150 Wheel & Column, Man

058023-02 Tamiya F150 Wheel & Column, Auto

058024-01 Tamiya F150 Dash Parts

058019-01 Tamiya F150 Seat Bucket Manual, 4WD

058019-02 Tamiya F150 Seat Bucket Manual, 2WD

058019-03 Tamiya F150 Seat Bucket Auto, 4WD

058019-04 Tamiya F150 Seat Bucket Auto, 2WD

Episode 127 - The Parts
Episode 137 - Detailing
Episode 138 - Installation