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    Default Greetings From Ampro Engineering

    Hey Everyone, I wanted to give you a brief introduction to Ampro Engineering and what we do. I started Ampro while in college with the intent to create replacement parts for a few of my cars. 3D Printing was something you read about in engineering magazines and all you could do then was create things by hand. This lead to the fabrication of battery hold downs, battery trays, heater pipes, trim clips and other various bits. Once I graduated, I had no time for that any longer and I was now in the engineering field. A few short years later, I was informed of Shapeway by Knight Customs (before he was Knight Customs) and I printed out a number of upgrades for my beloved Tamiya Hilux High-Lift like wheels, brush guard, rear bumper and receiver hitch. From there, the flood gates opened. A couple thousand parts later, I have decided that I needed some interiors on my cars and the Tamiya Blackfoot/F150 interior was born. Then the Traxxas TRX4 Bronco graced us with its presence and that brings us to now! I look forward to the furture of printing and scanning and cannot wait to see what this technology will bring to our hobby.

    Traxxas TRX4 Bronco Full Interior Kit (under development)

    Tamiya Hilux High-Lift -

    Front Bush Guard and Vector rims:

    Trans lift kit, battery repositioning and wheels:

    Tamiya Ford F150 –

    Light Lenses:

    Tail lights with hidden LED placement (2):

    Grille Insert:

    Interior Kit:

    Tamiya Bruiser Interior set Dash Upgrade:

    Tamiya Clodbuster GMC Front End:

    Tamiya MK1 Pajero Lighting:

    Tamiya Lunchbox Illumination Kit:

    Tamiya ORV Double Wishbone rear suspension:

    Tamiya Willys Wheeler Light lens set, wheel caps and emblems:

    Tamiya FAV rear wing, roof, light bar and wheels:

    Tamiya Hornet/Grasshopper Upgrades:

    Mini-Class wheels:

    Ampro Hardcorenet:

    Trailer Fenders and Lighting:

    SuperFly 3.0:

    Most of what I make can be found here on shapeways:

    You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube here:





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    Hi. My name is Ed. I recently purchased a Trx4 Bronco and I am in the process of building a full interior on the rig. I have moved most of my electronics under the hood where it belongs. Except for the transmission shift micro servo and the rear axle locker micro servo. Also I have two 2200mah 30c 11.1v Lipo batteries mounted on the side skirting black plastic floorboards of the Trx4, one on each side. I use two additional 2200mah Lipos as well. One mounted under the hood in the placeholder, and one where the simulation gas tank is in the rear. Once I moved the 3 micro servos out of the way by laying them horizontally. I was able to achieve a flat surface to mount my hand made, vacuumed lexan floorboard. I even copied the original Bronco floorboard shape, and painted the lexan from underneath to get that simulated uncovered, painted, authentic 1979 Bronco floor. The seats are sear cushion foam, with automotive vinyl/leather in two tone color. Black and red. Anyhow, I am interested in the interior you have created. The side panels are outstanding. Since I just created my account, I will post pictures of my Bronco very soon. But what I was wondering is. Are these kids panels full pieces? Meaning do they simulate a full interior? Or are they designed for the original Traxxas chassis setup. Since a Traxxas chassis has a rather high mounted battery tray. I would obviously need an authentic full interior. So that they fit my doors, which now open. Also the top is removable. And the tailgate opens as well.

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    Love your Youtube Videos!


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    Thanks for reaching out Ed. No, these are not full depth as I wanted to leave my chassis completely stock. They go down a ways but not to the extent you are looking for. Sorry about that.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Hey Walter, thank you so much! I am glad people enjoy them.

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