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Thread: Trailfinder 2 Torque Twist...Swaybar or Preload?

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    Default Trailfinder 2 Torque Twist...Swaybar or Preload?

    I have a fully linked TF2 with 55T motor, R3 two speed, coilovers and helicals in the diffs. She has a wee bit of torque-twist/lean in high gear. I put stiffer springs up front and preloaded the passenger rear which helped take most of it out but wonder what others have done?

    I know on 1:1 sway bars hurt flex (hence disconnects), but with the preload I'm hurting the balance of the springs on side hilling.

    The S.

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    Very good question, I'm new to the leaf spring set up and was thinking about doing some of the mod you have done.

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