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Thread: RC4WD Chevy Blazer Cab Back for Pickup Conversions

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    Quote Originally Posted by RexRacer19 View Post
    I haven't seen a build thread where anyone has used that wheelbase in particular. The few threads that are out there are short bed builds. I think I've only sold one 13.9" wb extension so far as it was a special request. With a true long bed, you would need to extend the rear some also to make it look right.
    Yep, i saw rickleo's post about that in his thread. I will have two sets of bed sides I can play with when I get to this project. The PO butchered the bed floor of the body I have now, so I cut it out but might salvage some bits and am getting another cut off bed with an intact floor soon hopefully. Thanks for the response.

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    No problem. If you end up doing this build be sure and make a thread for it. I really enjoy seeing what people are building with the parts.
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