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Thread: Locked up RC scale acorns on SSD wheels

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    Default Locked up RC scale acorns on SSD wheels

    Has anyone put locked up RC 2.5mm accords on a set of SSD wheels? Iím having a difficult time trying to figure out how to make this work.

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    You'd have to use set screws to thread into the hub, and then thread the acorns onto the set screws. Measure the stock hardware thread length (I believe 8mm), and add whatever depth youd want to thread into the acorn. I'd imagine that a 10mm set screw would do the trick. Easiest way would be to assemble the wheels using three standard screws and then install three set screw/acorns, and then replace the three stock screws one at a time. Unless the wheels are already assembled, then I'd do one replacement at a time.

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