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Thread: the Little Green Yota, by BadWagon

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    Default the Little Green Yota, by BadWagon

    Once there was a BadWagon, and a few years ago, for Christmas he got a TF2.

    He built the chassis and had dreams of a body so cool, so scale it made him smile at night before he went to bed. His first comp came sooner than expected, he threw the body together, painted it silver and rushed to the comp.

    He beat that truck like it owes him money. It rolled, and tumbled, and went crunch... over and over again.

    The BadWagon was sad. He had such high hopes, but the body was cracked, busted and junk.

    So, He bought a hilux body which was already bobbed, added my his flare and drove that little green yota everywhere.

    The Beach

    And comps

    It was a great little truck, but it never felt like it was my own. So when I started the truggy, it was this cab which was to go under the knife, but my buddy Todd rejected. So I sold it to him that night.

    Bought a new body and built a truck that was truly my own.

    But sometimes at night, when working alone, I’d think about that little green yota, and wish it’d come home.

    Low and behold, one day Todd stopped by, said he was cleaning out his shop, and asked if I wanted to buy it back.

    I did, and I did.

    Then I did what we all do when we get a body back we’ve wanted... I hung it up and did nothing with it for a while.

    Kinda forgot about it honestly.

    Then this past fall we had a BowHouse/Helios/RC4WD event at Uwarrie Nat. Forest and I wanted to bring something besides the truggy.

    I decide that all bets were off, and I could rob parts from any build which wasn’t complete, which left me with lots of choices.

    I knew I wanted to run leafs, so I grabbed the TF2 frame, and a handful of leafs, including some super soft reds.

    Then I snatched the SSD trans from the pile of junk truggy build.

    I wanted the rig to have some decent steering so I grabbed the yota2 axles from the YJ build. I Remembered i had xvd’s which I hadn’t even installed so I grabbed those up as well.

    A MMP and Tekin Pro4 for power, hitech 7795 servo and reviver/bec.

    Of course the little green yota would be the body.


    Me likey. Stance is better now. Removing the springs and chino mod the leafs improved the suspension dramatically.

    I tossed on some bumpers, charged the Helios packs, then packed up.

    Wyatt and I left first thing in the morning.

    What an amazing event!

    Team FU-Nominal had a strong showing. Wyatt hit only 1 or 2 gates all day and the Little Green Yota performed so much better than I expected.

    Father & Son

    Todd’s “Topo Yota”

    I took home the “best weathered paint” award for the truggy (my first gallery award), Wyatt’s RAM took a bath (from the blind driving challenge) and the Little Green Yota just kick booty.

    Not bad for a thrown together truck...

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    Not bad at all! And congrats on the award as well...

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    So the next week Todd, Terry and I hit Davos Dam.

    Terry had just received his Marlin Crawler, so you know a full on leaf sprung assault was in order.

    While the leg is up...

    Leaf sprung flex shots?

    I’m just here for the lulz...

    Anyway we decided to give Hell’s Gate a go. Hells Gate is a pretty challenging line and has two levels.

    Honestly I don’t know if anyone els has ever tried it with a hardbody, leaf spring truck before...

    How about a stock Marlin Crawler?

    Todd and Terry made it up.

    Yes, I made it up.
    (Terry is very trusting)

    How about the Little Green Yota?

    Yes sir.

    This truck is starting to impress me. In fact it may be my favorite to drive.

    But don’t tell the truggy that...

    On the way home I realized that all of those parts which I’d scavenged from all those other builds were gonna need to be replaced.

    The Little Green Yota just became build priority #1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Small Factory View Post
    Not bad at all! And congrats on the award as well...
    Thanks buddy.

    We’ve just begun.

    First let’s see what we’re working with.

    Body is pretty beat up, with plenty of battle scars.

    Love these TRD decals, and the Toyota 4wd emblems on the side (not hilux). Those have to stay.

    I’m thinking I’ll just weather and layer the paint, keeping the soul intact.

    Wiring is obviously legit, so yeah.

    The tinted windshield and windows has to go.


    We’re gonna need an interior and clear glass.


    So hard to see through that glass with the protective plastic on it... just take it out for now.

    What the...

    Yes sir. The RC4WD 4 door Mojave interior.

    It’s gotta be the best $40 you can spend on tiny trucking. Chop off the back half and you’ve almost got enough for 2 interiors.

    Ok it’s midnight, last couple pictures. where we at?

    Oh yeah spill beer all over the work bench, then clean it off.

    Huh, better.

    We can work with this.

    More to come

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    You know where I stand about old, beat-up Toyotas with a ton of trail miles on 'em!
    Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DougJ View Post
    You know where I stand about old, beat-up Toyotas with a ton of trail miles on 'em!
    Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
    You sir are an inspiration. Every time I would see an alert for your thread pop up, I’d miss the Little Yota. I had to bring it back.

    I figure I can keep building and adding to this one. I hope it has as great a journey as yours Doug!

    Soooo interior....


    I need foot room.


    Not a bad start.

    This guy is working his butt off.

    Flock it.

    Stack it.

    Paint it.

    Detail it.

    ‘Stache it.

    Bring it together.

    Yes sir, he fits.

    I really dig the detail of this interior. Again, best $40 EVER.

    So the interior is pretty much done until I go for final instal and weathering.

    Now I gotta move on to the drivetrain.

    I’ll post it up tomorrow.

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    Fun narrative, nice "scale Magnum" on the work bench, impressive - very functional Yota! Like the interior details too!

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    Fun times! Need to get another run together!

    Little Green was running great!

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    You are spinning quite the yarn here! Interior is spot on, I especially love how you`ve done the door panels!
    I built a Toyota once

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    I do like Toyota's and yours is looking good keep it up.

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