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Thread: Bigfoot Tribute F350 Scx10

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    Working lights

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    So after making sure that the light kit worked, I needed to button up the interior....

    i had my daughter help me with the dashboard drawing the gauges and components, I decided that the passenger side was a bit empty, so I decided to enlist a clay Minion figurine that my daughter made as my passenger....

    Also added a rear magnetic mounting kit from boom racing..

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    Just came across this thread. Truck looks fantastic!

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    Just a bit of an update:

    Replaced the Midwest wheels and Ranger combo, for the beefier Golden Years tires and Tribute wheels
    Installed the side view mirrors and wipers
    Added a Hobbywing 120a and a 10.5 turn motor

    Took better pictures

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    watching with interest

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