The story:

While not a scaler motor/ esc combo that I'm having an issue with but there is much experience on this site so hoping someone can shed some light. Im running a ORCA 2200KV motor and ORCA Spark ESC in my M-chassis M06 and up until now have had zero issues with it; been running it for four indoor seasons.

Recently I was tagged pretty hard by a touring car on the straight; not to sure this caused my issue as this car has had many hits over the years but who knows. Anyhow the motor cogs badly off the hop, by pushing the car and hitting the throttle it goes but doesn't open right up, a couple local club racers said looks like a motor so I ordered a new one and installed. Same outcome. I then stripped off the heat shrink on the stock capacitor and found a melted lead. Picked up new capacitor with same rating from the local electronics store and installed. Same issue only not quite as bad.

While it did get slightly better with the new capacitor Im wondering if the quality of the new capacitor is not good enough or if the ESC is having issues and time for a new one??

Any assistance would be appreciated. Needs to get back to some shreddin!!!!