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Thread: New Jeep Comanche Kit

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    Default New Jeep Comanche Kit


    We officially introduce our exclusive new Jeep Comanche 1:10 kit
    We used our well known XJ front half and we added a specifically designed cabin and bed.

    This new complete body has been designed for our GCM Cmax chassis but will easily fit most common chassis like Axial, Vaterra or even MST.

    It comes unpainted, with glasses, mirrors , bumpers and exclusive Comanche taillights.

    The Comanche parts are built in 3D professional quality printed plastic.

    Wheelbase : 347 mm or 13,67 inches.

    Coming in august in 2 versions :

    Complete body kit : 149 euros (approx. 169 USD)
    Cabin and bed kit : 79 euros (approx. 89 USD)

    First pieces coming in august , check out our Webstore for availability.

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    Very nice

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