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Thread: Norse Twin Turbo Rat Rod

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    This picture was taken back earlier this summer, and I really wanted to have it driveable again.

    To do that I needed to replace the weak styrene motormount/shock towers with carbon.
    I traced them onto a sheet of carbon I had for years. I belive its 2.5mm thickness.

    Testing, yeap, that might work!

    Without the engine, the shocktowers looks like this

    And this is the concept. The motorplate is clamped between the shock towers via a slot on each side.

    And for the first time it stands on its own suspension with engine and all

    Beauty of this is I only need to remove 4 bolts to remove the complete unit out of the chassis, pluss take off the driveshaft to the transfercase and shocks at the axle.
    It's very rigd when installed in the chassis.

    And looks like this when the gearbox is removed.
    It still needs to be trimmed down, but the basic shape is there

    All complete

    At this point the front steering was figured out, here missing the draglink and servo together with the winch.

    Tipping point is here, loads better than before!

    Servo and winch fitted back on.

    At this point is was a rolling chassis, minus most of the electrical system.

    Also as this point I wanted to fit brake disc's, and really wanted the Super Shafty style ones, but it was either out of stock or the shipping was killer.
    So I made my own.
    First I made a templete on 2mm aluminium by using my hubs.
    Since I neither own a lathe or hole saws that is useable with metal in the right thickness.
    My solution was to rough cut them by angle grinder, then clamp them together two and two with a nut'n bolt and chucked them into my drill and then use my angle grinder as a lathe.
    When they got the correct diameter which is 34mm and then sanded them to my liking.
    Lightweight too at 4g a pair! And they only add 2mm per side.

    Fits my hubs too!


    Other side

    I have a GCM transfer case without gears as I plan to change my current T1 Disruptor transfer case to furter lighten my drivetrain.

    Mod 1 steel gears are expensive with 5mm bore of good quality.
    But I found these at my LHS

    With grinding on both sides they fit fine without any slope at all.

    As usuall I gave them a coat of CV joint grase (for real cars) and bolted it together ready for to use in the future

    Battery tray got a session with speed holes at the same time.

    Styrene bed looks more like this now and was tested for fitment on the battery tray

    Tow hook among other things were fitted (I'm planning on several trailers to haul behind this)

    Got some vintage sand ladders earlier this summer that I needed to use.
    I came up with them being like a lock system for the jerry cans.
    On either side I'm using shortned Parma body mounts.

    The last pictures is taken by phone, and it's aint good to photograph white in detail. like this.
    I can't figure the right setting on my phone, so picture to picture may look different as I toy a bit with the settings.
    My phone is Motorola G7 Play btw- a budget friendly one as the 3G network was taken down at new year so I needed a cheap ish 4G one..

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    Timewise we are now just a couple of months away from present day in this story.

    I think you can agree there has been a lot of changes since I started this project.

    Some things I have either forgot or don't have pictures of.

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    Wow Capri !! Love seeing this evolving! Nice work mate!

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    Just an Idea...
    Go the extra mile and stick a 9g servo in ole willy, make his head turn with steering.
    Don't.. add a spring to make him a bobble head...
    Run what Ya Brung.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Beers View Post
    Just an Idea...
    Go the extra mile and stick a 9g servo in ole willy, make his head turn with steering.
    Don't.. add a spring to make him a bobble head...
    I have been toying with that idea lol.
    Also for the steering wheel as I had before I built this one.

    Just ordered 80mm Boom Racing shocks as fitted to the BRX01, as the current RC4WD ones up front need to go.

    At the rear I also need to do something as well at some day as the Traxxas GTR shocks will not hold the shock oil over time.
    Has anyone had any luck finding Mini Revo shocks in aluminium that is of good quality?
    GTR shocks are what is fitted to mini Revo vehicles, mine was built from seperate parts as there was no cantilever kit available at the time when I needed them, and it was a bit cheaper to buy the parts sepereate after figuring out whats part the Dinky kit used.

    Hope to upload the rest of the missing bits of this story this weekend.

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    Still not quite there with the story, but this is what I have today.

    I have a TFL winch I got for free, nice look and aluminium construction.
    Problem is it's dead slow on 6v, like 10mm a second, and a bit better on 3s.
    Nothing would solve this problem, greasing, making it roll free as possible and even testing it directly on a battery did not change this.
    I was using Yeah Racing Wireless Controll on a fob that either would run on 2 or 3s.
    To make sure it worked as good as possible I removed the casing, cut off the wires and resolder the thing with thicker wires as it has two sets of winch wires that was ultra thin, like the RC4WD wireless remote board.
    Mine was skipping on the signal, so I made a antenna before I put the whole thing in epoxy to waterproof it.

    But the slow speed was the biggest issue.

    I looked into to fit the Commando winch motor that LockedUp is selling, that is ment for the 3Racing winch.
    This is because the 3Racing has more speed than mine, even from factory (I have one in one of my other projects) at 45rpm @ 6v, while the Command is 100rpm @ 6v.
    But somebody told me that the 3Racing winch motor with gearbox will not fit into a TFL winch.

    But now I did know what speed I wanted and I also did know I wanted it at 6v since I ordered a HeyOk winch controller a while back for my spare 3ch, and my receiver will not get more than 6v in my vehicle.
    I then sat down and took some measurements of my TFL motor/gearbox and headed for Ebay.

    This is what I found

    If my measurements was right those would fit.
    I ordered the 6v 200rpm variant.

    Got them a while back, so today I pulled my winch apart.
    And would you know! The new one fitted perfectly!
    No mods needed, ZERO, NADA, NOTHING! Even the mounting bolts fitted.
    The old one to the left and the new one already installed.
    The endbell of the old motor pulled off as the wires I fitted previously was a bit tight.
    Sorry for the low quality of the picture

    Wired it up and refitted it.
    Also fitted a new Dyneema wire at the same time.
    And I can happly report that my new winch motor is 3-4 times faster on 6v, than on 3s with the old one.
    It's a bit on the weak side, but I can pull it apart later to lube it up and remove some of the rope as it is a bit too long now.
    When I ordered the new one, I made sure to order a second one as well in case one failed etc.
    But I may build a twin motor winch down the road

    Next time I'm out I will give it a test.
    I plan on make a snatch block as well, just because I won't buy one

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    Loving this, so much cool stuff going on!

    Heading back to read from the beginning...

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    Thank you!

    It may seems this rig is only sitting on the bench.
    Yep, it spends a lot of time there, but it has been out several times lol

    Here from 2018

    Early stage in 2017

    I do enjoy driving my vehicles, but sadly my health is not allowing that to much.
    But I hope to drive it soon.

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    This Off-Rod looks great! Big respect for keeping up the sport despite the challenges.

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