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Thread: Rock Monster RC Inserts Review

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    Default Rock Monster RC Inserts Review

    I had the honour of trying out this new tire tech from Rock Monster RC.

    Instead of a typical foam-based insert, this is a Silicone poured molded insert for a variety of tire sizes. There are some initial benefits that I can see:

    • Greater stability (they keep the vehicle planted to the ground and they return to their original shape after being stressed).
    • Greater longevity (they don't breakdown over time like foam).
    • Greater durability (they can get wet and they can stretch and not collapse like foam).

    The one disadvantage that comes up most frequently is the increased rotating mass. The inserts I chose are the softest, but I believe also the heaviest. 220 grams each is a lot of weight on the tires, but, I don't drive hard and choosing a line is more important to me than churning it up. That said, when I was testing them, I gave it the beans as much as I could and wasn't able to stress the driveline to the point of breakage.

    The creator, Michael, claims that the benefits are in downhills, sidehills and uphill with multiple transitions. I can certainly agree, but will add that a straight uphill at extreme angles there's a benefit, because most of the weight keeps the suspension from unloading.

    Here's what they look like:

    Essentially a boob donut. Squishy, heavy and pink. I like.

    Compared to a Pro-Line dual stage foam insert:

    Fitting them is easy. Fold in half, insert into tire. That's it. Currently the sizes offered fall into spec with most of the tires on the market, with the exception of the Hyrax, which was what I really wanted to run on my comp truck this year. With that in mind, I tested with the Voodoo KLR in blue compound. After driving a bunch of lines with the CI foam on a variety of surfaces, including rocks, loose, loamy soil, logs and wet conditions, I can say unequivocally there's an advantage running the Rock Monsters. The truck is just that much more planted. The weight is obviously a huge factor, but with no breakdown over time, waterproof and quick rebound from deformation, this is a clear winner. The price is a bit more than foams (especially against stock, included foams) but you could essentially buy once and use on multiple setups. I will note that in future applications, I'd prefer to have a softer compound tire to match these inserts.

    I recommend checking out his FB page for more information. Rock Monster RC

    Here's a quick video of me goofing around with them:


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    You had me at "Boob doughnuts"

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    they look like a really interesting tire insert!

    the only issue is the weight but each to their own!

    glad to see more and more options for inserts in the market!

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    Interesting innovation! Thanks for sharing.

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