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    Default Plastic Dip your RC

    Koi Orange so I can't lose it !? Lol

    This build is 1/6 scale measuring near 4' in total length incl. trailer.

    Simple rattle can application, applied to both nylon (TJ) body and ABS (trailer)
    Fairly durable on a scale rc... easily peeled off when wanting to remove.

    If ya spend most your time on yer lid, or generally just want to thrash on it...
    It's probably gonna require a whole lot of do overs.
    Blending old to new doesn't work very well, so a peel and repaint is likely the order.

    For what fails to peel off initially, use some charcoal fluid and a clean rag to wipe the residual off.
    Then clean/prep the surface using rubbing alcohol, dry and choose another PD color for re-application.

    I use this PD rattle can application on my 1:1's too. Door pillars, wheels most anything ya want to do.

    Great stuff, easy application. JMO

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    Great looking setup.

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    It actually crawls even better then it looks, but it's not small @ 4' long.
    And there's more to it then just the trailer.
    ie: a functioning 1/6 scale RC quad sits atop the trailer to boot.

    Here's a short video clip of the quad and TJ in action...

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    I use Plastidip for my fender liners and a few other items. When I've used it on bodies, it doesn't last long, but that's kind of the point. It's easy to peal off and change/re-apply. Gives a nice texture and requires very little prep.

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    Same here. I’ve used it to create “rock armor” side panels etc. I like to back my lexan bodies with it too. Prevent light from coming in any areas that may have minimum paint coverage

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    its funny to me how this forum and "the other forum" are almost polar opposite.
    somebody started a thread about plastidip on rc bodies and the majority wanted to burn plastidippers at the steak.

    i think its great and I'm glad to see it seems that's the majority here. i have my yeti plastidipped and it spends a lot of time on its lid. its chewed up but i can peel it and re-spray at any time, and it doesn't look like every other RTR Rock Racer out there.

    here it is taking a break from donuts on the beach of Coronado, CA.
    (put "shred the beach with a yeti" on your bucket list, thank me later)

    and there are so many great colors now! you can even get this stuff at autozone!

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    BadWagon Good point about fender liners I must do this now.... or tomorrow.. yes not now but soon!

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