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Thread: My Rothmans Ford Escort MK2

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    Default My Rothmans Ford Escort MK2

    Hi all,

    This is a build I did a couple years ago...! My first 1:1 car was a mk2 4 door sedan, so when retroracing brought out their mk2 shells I just had to have one, so I bought 2 ! Lol! The chassis initially used was a TB01, as the wheelbase and width was spot on for this body.

    The body was painted purple/ silver with a fade effect, which looked ok. A friend of a friend, who lives down under, and had a 1:1 mk2, saw a pic of it on face book and asked if I could do a 'mini me' version of his 1:1. So the second body was painted up, mounted on the TB01 and sent off to him!

    So a couple of years passed and I never really got around to replacing the chassis, although an attempt was made to build one out of styrene, I just managed to make a floor pan but couldn't figure out how to make the IFS setup, or where to get a proper rear axle...

    Fast forward a year or so and suddenly rallyfied RCs were getting popular...! Lol! So this is where this build began...the initial intent was to attempt the classic Rothmans livery painted on the outside of the body, pick up a used TB01 chassis and use it as a! But apparently this car had a mind of its own as the build went in an entirely different direction...! None of it was actually planned out, I was just having fun with the build, trying to figure out the best solution (in my own limited experience) of the various issues that cropped up....

    What I ended up with, was a decent working rc that was pretty scale to the 1:1! Well, at least what I have been told...ha!

    Body is from retroracing out of Finland. The chassis is all custom made by hand... It's got a live axle mounted on leaf springs like the 1:1. Motor is upfront in the traditional north / south orientation and mated to a modded tranny, with the drive line in the trans tunnel like the real deal....! Also has working front disc brakes that are servo! The interior is all handmade except for the seats.....

    Here's a link to the build thread...

    And a link to a test video....

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    Very great! Regards Jens

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