Retrocosm asked me to do a cage and Winch bumper for his 1/6th Willy's jeep build, here's the result

This is how it look after I removed it from it's box (sorry forgot the pic of the box)

Front section of the tube work started

Slightly annoyingly the top windscreen bar has shifted as I brazed it in and is a little low on the passenger side, I will be addressing this later today. This picture makes it look worse than it actually is

Then on to the rear,

The above picture is a little deceptive as the Stathe's swede is completely protected by the metal work.

The final steps were to build a front bumper/winch mount similar to this one.

Final part of the cage, attached the mounting tabs and bolted it down,

Then built up the winch bumper,

and then the bar work,

One last overall shot

Thanks as ever for looking, I just need to get it packaged up and sent back, so that Retrocosm can complete the build.