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Thread: The Next Team Driver Contest 5 - Sign up now! - and FI Spool Sale ... $6.99!!!

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    Default The Next Team Driver Contest 5 - Sign up now! - and FI Spool Sale ... $6.99!!!

    This is a contest we have held annually on our own TNTD Forum, RCC and Facebook. Since we are new to SBG, we want to make sure you guys know about it... and we will make sure SBG is involved as a polling place and however else we are allowed to do so. It's going to be a great year.

    It is time for the 5th season of "The Next Team Driver" giveaway & contest and we are celebrating by marking down our awesome FI Lunchbox Spools to $6.99.
    You cannot lock your Yeti, Bomber, SCX10 or Wraith with hardened steel for less!

    As in previous seasons, the basic idea is that this is a giveaway contest open to EVERYONE, where ANYONE can become one of our team drivers!
    We get a lot of people asking us about sponsorship and have decided on this contest instead of just selecting people. Itís fun, informative and we always give away stuff during each week to people NOT in the contest!

    You can catch the entire 4th season on our forum:
    The Next Team Driver - 4

    The winner will be a full member of our team and will receive all the discounts and benefits that all our team drivers get!

    This giveaway is open to seasoned veterans and new guys alike. If you've ever been interested in becoming a team driver, getting great product discounts and passing on your wisdom ... this is your chance!

    Each application will be reviewed by our team and a handful will be selected as "The Next Team Driver" finalists.

    Finalists will be put through a series of basic "team driver" challenges. Take a picture of this, shoot a video of that, review this product, etc, etc. You can check out last yearís contests to get an idea of what you will be doing as a contestant.

    We will bring you the results and best of all, the RC Crawling community will be able to vote on who they want to see win.

    So get those applications filled in and get ready for a fun time!

    DOC - Click here
    DOCX - Click here
    XPS - Click here
    RTF - Click here
    PDF - Click here

    Questions? Post up in here and we'll do our best to get things answered for you.

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    Submitted mine last night! Thanks for the opportunity.

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