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Thread: Locked Up's SMT10

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    Default Locked Up's SMT10

    Some of you may already be following this in the SMT10 Facebook group... if you aren't you may want to join the group because we WILL be doing LURC giveaways for SMT10 parts.

    Anyway, I present to you our SMT10:

    If there had been a kit version, we would have gotten it but RTR will do.

    So, we have some plans for this thing.

    Not only will it be our test rig for some parts, but we ARE going to have some fun with it.

    The first thing we are going to do before we even drive it....

    Stay tuned...

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    Before we get to the dying though .... I have a "just a few" shots comparing the SMT10 to a Wheely King ... for those that were curious.

    Upon initial inspection, the tires are pretty close in size. The Axial are a hair larger and have a slightly rounder contact patch.

    Wheels are similar but the Axial wheels do appear to have more beef around the hex.

    So I know those of you with a WK may be asking if the Axial stuff will work .... it will.

    And that goes both ways:

    The track width is definitely different.

    And the Wheelbase is not even close.

    The chassis are very different. The WK motor is MUCH higher and the Axial has a lot more tube work to give it that scale look.

    Some of you have been wondering how this all compares to some of the larger RC4WD stuff. So we mocked up a Traxtor 2.6 Pulling Comp tire for you. Massive difference.

    They dwarf the SMT10 BKT and WK Mud Thrasher but he width is the real difference.

    And if you are thinking about putting that Grave Digger body on a WK (which we are) some modifications will be necessary.

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