This is the one we started with:
TF2 skid leafed version.jpg

Formerly known as the Helios/new2rocks skid, our low-profile, high-clearance skid is now available from BowHouse RC through our Shapeways store in two versions. We developed this skid to work as a bolt-on replacement for the stock land anchor...errr...skid with either the single speed or 2-speed R3 trannies. This skid dramatically improves the TF2's ability to slide over rocks, roots, etc. and eliminates most high centering.

The original version works on leaf setups and can be easily modified to work with the 3-link setup. We also added a linked version with a cutout to make room for the 3-link setup without modifications:
TF2 skid linked version.jpg

Here are a couple of side-by-side comparisons with the stock land anchor:


If you plan to put the stock battery tray in the forward-most position (as you would if running the full cab back), you'll need to add spacers to clear the transfer case:

Even with spacers, there's plenty of room for the bench seat on top of a 5000 mAh 2s pack. These have been tested and abused extensively, and they work great.

The skids are available at our Shapeways store: