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Thread: Messin with some prototype PBX AT's

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    Default Messin with some prototype PBX AT's

    So my good friend Desmond from Pit Bull tires, hooked me up with a set of the new PBX AT's to play with.

    First off they look great and are super soft. my only complaint is the lack of shape to the profile. (no bulge in the sidewall) So I set about trying to come up with something that looked more appealing to me.

    I only had 3 sets of rims lying around to test with. the first was a set of RC4WD steel wheels. they were a bit to wide for the tire and I could not get them to seat square

    next were a set of plastic G-Made wheels. I've never liked these as the outer edge of the wheels is too big. the width would probably work but they need machined to the right diameter first.

    finally I had a set of RC4WD military beadlocks. These looked the most promising so that is what i went with.

    now for the foams. The tires came without foams so i rummaged through my stuff and found an old set of 40 series foams of unknown origin. they seem to be closed cell so they should be waterproof and are fairly firm which should support the weight of my trucks.

    to make the foams, I started by splitting them down the middle

    Next the section was cut to fit the wheel

    And then the sides were trimmed

    Finally the ends were glued to make a donut

    Even though I used rubber cement the area where I glued them was stiffer then the foam so I punched a hole through the glue seam to help give it some flexibility.

    Now since I only had 2 foams to begin with, I only had 2 foams so far. To make the other 2 I took the leftover outer sections

    And glued them together

    Then repeated the process of making it fit the wheel

    Now with the new foams the tire looks good! I like how the sidewall bulges just a little

    I threw the tire on my Scout to see how it looked.

    They are a bit big for this truck but looked usable.

    Then i stuffed it under the Toyota and now i really liked it!

    it looks more scale then even the 1.55 Growlers stretched over 1.7 rims!

    once i get the rest of them mounted i'll see how they work.

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    Loving the new tyres. Looks great under the luxy.

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    Yep, I found Richard's orangie Hilux to be the perfect truck for mine as well. Great performing tire, but something about it still feels a bit narrow.

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