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Thread: GCM CMAX Chassis Update and FAQ

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    Default GCM CMAX Chassis Update and FAQ

    CMAX Chassis FAQ and Update: GCM has a secret forum for the Team, where we've been sharing CMAX ideas, developments, and pictures, and I wish I could share it all with everyone! This amazing chassis setup has proven to work with SO MANY body setups, and it's just way too easy to adjust and set up. I can't wait to see the official release when the final parts are through production! But until then, we wanted to answer some much asked questions about the chassis and the setup.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    ___Q. How come it's taking so long to get this in my hands? I want!
    ___A: At GCM we take a TON of time to perfect things. In this case, we're working on almost 100 different components to get a chassis and axle setup that's as versatile as your own building style, so that takes tons of time. Here's a picture of a prototype chassis component cut we have used to test fitment and design. In this picture of the milled parts, you can see we have most of the chassis here, and each item has to work together, with multiple setups, leafs, links, bodies, and axles. Making a chassis that works with so many items is a rare and beautiful thing, and we're doing the difficult design and testing that makes this possible for everyone. Our first 3 CMAX truck builds (49 chevy, Hilux, and 78 Ford) have been driven to the limits, adjusted, fixed, moved, and driven some more for over a year now, and we're finally getting pleased with the setup we're working on.

    ___Q. I have a set of Yota Axles here. Can I use these on my build?
    ___A. We have designed the new CMAX to fit leaf spring axle spacing from RC4wd and Boom Racing. Although we will also have a full line of linked and leafed GCM TM8 axle housings coming as well, you can use your RC4wd axle housings with a simple bolt of the leaf spring. Easy.

    ___Q. What sort of wheelbase can this chassis adjust to fit?
    ___A. We've tested the most popular wheelbase setups from 10.6 inch short setups up to the 12.3 inch long setups (270-313mm) but it's really easy to go much shorter as well as much longer. The frame rail and mounting components are easily adjusted to fit your body setup, and we can't find a setup that doesn't fit. We've tested front split coil/shock setups with leaf out back. We've tested all leaf, all split coil, right offset pumpkins, left offset pumpkins, centered rear, and all of these are an option.

    ___Q. I've got a upgraded SCX transmission here, can I use that in the new CMAX?
    ___A. You can not use that trans in this chassis setup. This new design uses our own scale transmission, motor plate, and right or left drop Transfer Case, called LRT2. This setup has no center skid plate, like the SCX trucks use. It has a scale crossmember for mounting the transfer case into the chassis, like the real trucks have, and we don't have any way for you to mount the SCX trans in the truck. In stead, we're offering a all steel gear drivetrain with a 14.3:1 gear ratio and a pre-set overdrive front axle shaft output so you can run single ratio axle sets, and still get top level performance on the trails and rocks. CMAX kits will include the driveline components in the frame already, so it's a really easy setup for you to build up.

    ___Q. I like lots of suspension flex for my trucks so I can tackle big terrain and watch it move! It's fun! Can I set up this chassis for my 100mm shocks and watch it twist?
    ___A. Sorry, this isn't the chassis for you. First off, we have eliminated the popular RC truck tall shock towers, and don't offer any tall shock towers. We are designing around a scale amount of wheel travel that will support short shocks and exceptional performance without big flex. This whole truck has been designed specifically and intentionally for scale reproduction builds where GCM reliability and performance need to be at the helm, and it delivers. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the performance even though the wheel flex is less than your hoping for.

    ___Q. When will this be available in the USA store?
    ___A. Currently we are in production for our final designs. This process will take up to a month of manufacturing to get stock in hand for the kits. There's a ton to do! Hardware, axles, shafts, gears, brackets, packaging, labels, graphics, it's a ton of little stuff that needs to come together for the kits to be finished to ship. We will have the USA store stock about the same time as we release to the Canada/International store. We hope to have kits shipping in October of 2016, as we have much of the production already done and in hand. Our USA store is restocked weekly, so there won't be much of a delay in getting stock to the store in the south.

    -Thanks for reading, and hope to see you at Scale Jamboree Quebec Sept. 10,
    and GCM Adventure Series USA, in NC October 8-9.
    We will have CMAX trucks with us to show off as well!

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    Exciting news guys... I've heard bits and pieces about this chassis, and cannot wait to see it when it's released.

    I have no doubt it'll be top notch.

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    Very much anticipated release for tiny truck amaze.

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