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Thread: Crawled the HOPE SLIDE july 28/08

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    promod Guest

    Default Crawled the HOPE SLIDE july 28/08

    well went to kelowna and on the way back decided to go through princeton and pass by the hope slide I made sure i had batts and WOW
    truly an amazing experience!!!!!!!!

    more to crawl than possible and endless trails without having to stack rocks!!!

    ..sorry for poser shots but had so much fun crawlin there didnt really snap action shots... and its hard to crawl n shoot pixx....
    but still some decent shots i think enjoy!!



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    promod Guest

    Default for vid at the bottom...

    and a coule from kelowna...knoxx mtn..

    heres a vid of crawlin knoww mtn......
    hard to crawl n film .....

    ill be out crawlin again with u guys real soon!!!!!
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    Chaos Guest


    Very cool lil vid...and awesome pictures...real nice area you guys have.

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    GH Racing Guest


    very cool pics

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