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Thread: First Attempt at Hacking a Hard Body...need help!

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    Question First Attempt at Hacking a Hard Body...need help!

    I am very new to SBG and my goodness all of your build threads and finished rigs look better than static model rig displays! I've had about a year and a half modifying, painting, and stealth mounting only Tamiya abs hard bodies never anything else.

    I learned how to paint near professional levels from my club members in Houston, TX as well as from J. Walker on RCC where I am most active.

    I wanted to pose this question here because your work speaks for itself! I acquired an 1/8 New Bright JK that I will be mounting onto an scx10 chassis with Wraith AR60 axles or Wraith Curries since I will be running a 2.2 rig.

    Current wheelbase of the body is 14" and I want to do a Brute conversion and try to move the rear end wheel well area forward to a 12.3" Honcho wheelbase.

    I will have a full custom painted interior and I have a trusted friend doing some body armor once I dremel off the fake plastic fender flares and running boards off the body.

    That will be later on.

    I need tips on moving the rear forward about 2" and also need to putty and sand the rear doors while still not destroying the rear end of the body.

    What do I use to safely cut abs? What grit sandpapers would I need and what order?

    I'm totally lost lol please help!


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    Welcome Alex.

    Without having that body in front of me, I'd suggest finding an area where there's no transition in width and trimming that out. It'd be easier if you posted a few photos so we're clear on what you want to accomplish.

    ABS can be cut with just about anything sharp. I use a razor saw. Tape the line you want to cut so you keep it straight. As for sandpaper, I start at 80 and work my way up to 1000. But I'm a bit OCD.

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    Lol imthatguy, I remember seeing your username on RCC many times.

    Always with those sick builds! I'm slowly getting there. Got to crawl before you can walk.

    So this is not going to be your average run of the mill RCC 1.9 JK Brute on some shortened NB Jk body and chopped top. This is almost near shelf queen expectation and equipment I'm going to use on her.

    I sold all of my bulletproof and submersible scale trucks 1.9 and 2.2. Even sold old Lucifer that the DMG Jerry Justice built the sick chassis and mirror panels for me. The hood and roof were Ferrari red the sides chromed out....bead locks were the same red and the wheel was chrome. Sold the chassis for the same price I purchased it fell off an 11' drop landed face first into flat limestone no damage at all. Not even a paint chip! Jerry really understands chassis design very well.

    Enough of the past...bigger things now. This NB JK has had the NewBright wording removed. Scuffed, primed, and shot with auto paint made for plastic...just to g rid of that hideous red! Interior has also been removed and scuffed, washed, prepped, ready to mask and paint.

    First things first pics:

    Typical Brute:

    My body so far the masking tape is a rough idea of where to cut and eventually styrene it together and putty the holes sand and redo until perfect. Then wash...primer....sand....primer...paint. I want to keep it olive drab green with matte black trim.

    The plastic fenders and running karts are a to to be chopped off since my buddy is gabbing those for me.

    I've decided to run the GCM Cross Canyon chassis front 3 link CMS and panhard. Rear of course 4 link. Also running the GCM T case as well as GCM's Axial scx10 motor/tranny front mount to make space for the interior.

    Pics of my body:

    Other side:



    Front end already a little work. Need to find scale radiator or mesh behind grill. Also need a snorkel. Can the Tamiya TJ one be bent and heated to fit and look proper?


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