Hey, everyone!

We have begun to assemble fresh new Axial RUbicon and Honcho Upgrade Kits.
These range from Steel Link kits right through to the FULL SCX combo upgrades, all designed around the popular Axial Rubicon 313mm wheelbase trucks.

The new kits are available here at >>THIS LINK<< and let you choose a level of upgrade you want to achieve. Each kit includes all the parts needed to make your assembly a breeze and minimize mods and tools required.

The 4 Link Kit: >>LINK HERE<<

This simple kit includes a full set of bolt on links for your 313mm wheel base, and full video instructions to show you how to 4 link the front and KEEP the servo on the axle.

The Stage 2 CMS, Suspension, and Link Kit: >>LINK HERE<<

This big kit includes all the links needed to upgrade the front, rear, panhard, and chassis mounted servo. It also includes the front and rear aluminum truss upgrades, panhard mount kit, and servo/bumper mount.

The Stage 3 FULL Kit: >>LINK HERE<<

This kit includes all the parts of the Stage 2, but adds the front motor/trans mount, as well as the Transfer Case, and all the parts needed for the switch. After this Stage 3 conversion, your RTR truck will be ready for any comp action, and a full dropped interior also!